Client Testimonials

Kitchen & Bath Factory, Incorporated
4624 Lee Highway
Arlington, VA 22207-3413


I am writing this letter to express my gratitude for a job well done. I, like many homeowners trying to save renovation dollars, used Home Center’s design services and ordered my cabinets thruogh Home Center. I now regret that decision. I approached you to provide a cost estimate for countertop surfaces. I did so withthe full intention of going back to Home Center with the less expensive price for a competitive price reduction. I was surprised, however, when you pointed out numerous design flaws in th cabinet layout from Home Center. These flaws included:

  • Several incidents of incorrect cabinet placement that reduced the functionality of appliances and other cabinets.
  • Selecting more expensive, individual, single function cabinets in lieu of cabinets that performed multiple functions at a reduced cost.
  • Unwittingly choosing cabinets that have intrinsic flaws that the manufacturer refuses to replace since the flaws are natural defects in the wood.
  • Selecting appliance cabinets that would not hold the appliances I purchased, which forced the contractors to manually rebuild the cabinets on site.

I approached Home Center about returning the order and they refused. They did, however, agree to amend the order to correct any functional deficiencies. This they would not have done after th cabinets were installed.

I appreciate your advice and assistance in handling the problems with the cabinet order and anxiously await th installation of our granite countertop. I only wish we had approached you about installing the cabinets before we went to Home Center. I feel confident you would have given us a better product. Please feel free to show this letter to your customers. I will be open to calls during working hours.

J. Brent W.